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FibreMax feedrolls

FibreMax feedrolls

Valon Kone Kodiak debarkers come standard with new FibreMax feedrolls which feature replaceable bolt-on inserts starting from January 2015. The new feedrolls improve efficiency and reliability of the debarker, as well as minimize fibre loss. The FibreMax feedroll is a patented product.

Three different insert models

Three different insert models for varying debarking conditions are available for FibreMax feedrolls. The sharpened style is installed as standard on all new VK machines. It is intended for debarking in normal conditions. The flat style can be used when the grip of the rolls is not as essential. It minimizes log marking and is ideal for the out-feed rolls. The third model, the spiked, is intended for debarking in difficult conditions - when the wood is frozen, for example. The various insert styles can be used simultaneously on separate feedrolls of the machine. This can be done to minimize the marks left on the wood by the rolls.

Minimal fibre damage and better chip quality

FibreMax feedrolls ensure that the log is held in place and that it does not rotate in difficult debarking conditions. Therefore, the risk of splitting log ends is reduced. The new inserts leave less cutting marks on the logs, which improves the quality of the woodchips.

Easier maintenance of the feed rolls

The reliability of the FibreMax feedrolls is easy to maintain thanks to the simplicity of the maintenance procedures. The bolt-on inserts can be replaced quickly and without any special expertise. Replacing the inserts of a single roll takes about an hour.


The new FibreMax feedrolls can be installed on the old VK Kodiak debarkers as a retro-fit package. For more information about FibreMax feedrolls, please contact your local VK agent or Valon Kone Sales directly.

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