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The debarker model VK450 was the first of the “new generation” VK debarker models followed by models VK600 and VK800. It quickly became the most sought-after small log debarker on the market. This proven technology still serves hundreds of small log sawmills around the world. The long-lasting popularity of the VK450 debarker is based on its reliability and ease of use, which guarantees high-quality debarking results with minimum operating cost.


  • Fixed debarking rotor – centering of logs with infeed conveyor
  • Fully automatic debarker – no operator needed
  • Rotor size Ø48 cm – always with six debarker tool arms
  • Hydraulic pressure system for tool arms
  • Feedroll size Ø58 cm
  • Standard model comes with six feedrolls – eight feedroll version available for short logs (SL-version)
  • Hydraulic pressure system for feedrolls
  • VK infeed conveyor always as standard


  • Simple construction of both the rotor and machine frame allowing for easy maintenance
  • Strong tool arms are made of forged steel – replaceable carbide tool tips
  • Different tool tip versions available ensuring optimal debarking quality in varying conditions
  • Feedrolls with replaceable inserts (FibreMax) for easy maintenance – different insert types available ensuring grip in varying conditions

  • Simple hydraulic system of feedrolls facilitates maintenance and guarantees steady production
  • Centering VK infeed conveyor guides logs smoothly between feedrolls for minimal fiber loss


Debarking diameter (mm) 80 - 480 80 - 480 80 - 480 80 - 480
Min. log length (m) 2.2 1.7 2.2 1.7
Weight (kg) 13,500 13,900 14,400 14,500
Motor: rotor (kW) 55 55 55 55
Motor: feedworks (kW) 3x11 3x11 3x11 3x11


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