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Fixed Butt Reducer

Our butt reducing rotor combined with the debarker has become standard, especially among sawmills in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Russia. Over the last 30 years, we have delivered more than 150 debarkers equipped with a butt reducing rotor. Due to the fixed setting of cutting knives, the VK butt reducer is mainly used in plants where logs are pre-sorted by diameter before debarking. Our fixed butt reducer is available with both VK5000HD and VK8000HD series debarker frames. Robust construction and simplicity of the system makes a VK reducer very reliable and easy to use.


  • Butt reducing rotor is installed in machine frame’s first rotor position before debarking
  • Reducing tools are mounted on changeable reducing ring – separate change-over device is delivered to install and change RE-rings
  • RE-rings available from dia 22 up to max 60 cm
  • Ring has either five or six cutting tools, maximum cut 10 cm/radius – total diameter reduction of max 20 cm

  • Feedroll pressure control – pressure level of feedrolls is automatically adjusted to higher level during reducing

  • Feed speed control – speed is automatically slowed down when reducing large logs
  • Hydraulic pull-out system of rotor for changing reducing ring and for maintenance


  • Butt reducing at debarking speed without log stoppage for maximum production output
  • No need to kick log aside feeding line which minimizes maintenance costs and guarantees steady production
  • Quick tool adjustment – changing a reducing ring takes about five minutes

  • Log feeding both thin- and thick-end first
  • VK’s proven butt reducing technology ensures steady production through all seasons even with frozen logs

Hydraulic Debarking Rotors

Rotor diameter Biggest reducing ring Max. log diameter before butt reducing
480 mm 450 mm 650 mm
620 mm 550 mm 750 mm
820 mm - -

Pneumatic Debarking Rotors

Rotor diameter Biggest reducing ring Max. log diameter before butt reducing
440 mm 400 mm 600 mm
560 mm 530 mm 730 mm
680 mm 600 mm 800 mm
920 mm - -

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