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Debarking Rotors

Valon Kone manufactures both sliding and fixed rotors (rings) either with a hydraulic or pneumatic debarker tool arm pressure. Most of our debarking rotors come with six tool arms, and in most fixed rotor debarkers a rotor can be pulled out to service position for safer use.

The original Valon Kone rotor

Since the beginning, we have been producing debarking rotors with hydraulic tool arm tensioning. Each tool has its own hydraulic cylinder and rubber spring which is used to transmit the pressure for the arms. The pressure is adjusted with a separate hand pump by adding or reducing the spring tension. The cylinders are mounted in the same hydraulic circuit, so pressure adjustment for arms is quick and easy. The simplicity of the system makes a rotor with hydraulic tool arm tensioning very reliable and easy to use.

The new generation Valon Kone rotor

Originally designed for the North American market, we introduced a new generation debarking rotor using pneumatics for pressing tool arms in the mid 90s. It quickly became clear that this new system had large market potential in Europe and the rest of the world. Today, we use a similar air seal rotor on debarkers delivered to North America (Kodiak debarkers), as well as all other markets.

The pneumatic debarking rotor utilizes compressed mill air to create the tool arms’ tensioning. An air seal system makes it possible to bring in pressurized air from outside the rotor and subsequently change the pressure level of the tool arm during the process. When the machine is empty of logs, there is just enough pressure in the cylinders to hold the tool arms together. When the knife tool arms are about to climb on the log, the amount of air pressure is increased by using PLC-controlled valves. The pressure of the tool arms is raised to a pre-selected level to remove the bark. When debarking is done and the log leaves the tool arms, this added air is released and the system returns to a level that will hold the tool arms together.

Together with heavy-duty critical components and quick flow of pressured air, VK’s air seal rotor is today’s leading debarking solution on the market.

Tool tips for varying conditions

Three different tool tip models are available for all VK rotor types. The tips are made of hard metal.
  • In a basic tip, the scraper and the cutter are at the same level; it is used for debarking of pine species.

  • Another tip version has a raised cutter; this tip is used for debarking of Spruce and Fir trees.
  • A third tip version has no raised cutter, but a supporting element which helps to avoid log-end damage when the tip is about to leave the log. Known as the “Winter tip”, it is used for debarking of frozen wood.


All debarking rotors manufactured by Valon Kone can be installed on the old debarkers as a retro-fit package. For additional information about VK debarking rotors, please contact Valon Kone Sales


VK debarking rotors with hydraulic tool pressure
  Fixed Rotors Sliding Rotors
Rotor diameter 480 mm (18″) 900 mm (35″)
  620 mm (24″) 1000 mm (40″)
  820 mm (32″) 1100 mm (43″)


VK debarking rotors with pneumatic tool arm pressure
  Fixed Rotors Sliding Rotors
Rotor diameter 440 mm (17″) 920 mm (36″)
  560 mm (22″)  
  680 mm (27″)  
  810 mm (31″)  
  920 mm (36″)  

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