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Are you the next VK employee?

Valon Kone is a pioneer in the rotor debarking technology industry, and we are constantly seeking new experts for various tasks in the company. The main office in Lohja, Finland, employs nearly 110 production and administrative staff. In addition, we have offices in Sweden, Russia, and the USA.

We take care of our staff and the company is characterized by the low staff turnover. We are actively investing in our organization’s advancement and the professional development of our staff.

Employee stories at VK

A committed and skilled staff is a very important part of Valon Kone’s success. Decades-long careers are common at VK, where experienced senior staff members guide new juniors and, in turn, help us guarantee the quality of VK products.

40 years in debarker manufacturing

It was year 1980 as Jukka and Martti entered the Valon Kone’s main gate in Lohja, Finland for the first time. Jukka wanted to apply for a job at the company after hearing positive feedback about Valon Kone from his from acquaintances. Martti did not know much about Valon Kone but had come for a job interview. Jukka received a job as a packer and Martti was hired in as a welder. “I was lucky, as I made it to Valon Kone. Sometimes it is enough to be in the right place at a right time”, Martti says.

In 1980, Valon Kone was already strongly positioned in the woodworking industry as an international debarker supplier. The company exported heavily e.g., to the Soviet Union of that time. The volumes of the logs to be debarked in the sawmills were much less than experienced today and this affected the debarker size. So, small machines fit well into plywood boxes, as they were delivered in tens of containers from the Lohja train station to the customers in Eastern Europe. “At that time Valon Kone had a separate packing department for machines”, Jukka explains. “And, Bruno Valo, the founder of the company was involved in the business. Although the management was shifted mainly to his sons”, he adds.

Jukka’s and Martti’s tasks in the manufacturing have shifted during the last four decades and the working environment has changed in many positive ways including improved working methods. The company has invested in the manufacturing facilities and the production process has been automated. This all affects well-being at work. “In the earlier days, working in a workshop was much dirtier and heavier than it is today”, says Martti.

In the last forty years Valon Kone also has experienced ownership changes. Despite the owners or business cycles, the personnel have always been considered important at Valon Kone and there has been a continued focus to invest in the employees. Valon Kone has been considered as a reliable employer and has managed to avoid laying employees off as best as possible during slower periods. “In the Lohja area, Valon Kone has a reputation as a safe employer”, says Jukka. “During all these years I have been laid off only once and then only one week”, he adds.

Long careers are common at Valon Kone, even today. It is not uncommon for employees to have 15 plus years of employment with Valon Kone. So, why has Jukka and Martti stayed working for the same employer for four decades?

Both men highlighted that Valon Kone has a good work community. Both, existing and previous colleagues, and supervisors get a big thank you! “In the past, the company management was clearly higher in the hierarchy than other employees, but nowadays it is different”, says Jukka. “And the well-being at work is emphasized more today than earlier”, he adds. “Independent and free work, as well as interesting content of the work improve the satisfaction at workplace”, Martti says in the end.

If you are interested in the varying tasks in the factory in Lohja, Finland, please contact our manufacturing manager. We are glad to tell you more!

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Job openings

If we can’t offer you a suitable job right now, but you are interested in the varied and interesting tasks in the international business environment, please send us an open application with your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will contact you!