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70 years in operating machinery works

Valon Kone has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing debarkers. The production of our machines and equipment is concentrated in a modern workshop in Lohja, Finland, where the total factory area is around 6,500 m2. Even though some of the process is outsourced, most of the fabrication is kept in our own hands at the Lohja plant.

Modern production technology

During the last decades, we have become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of rotor debarkers, in large part because we invest in modern fabrication technology and continuously develop our manufacturing methods.

Our factory is divided into eight work cells in which work is focused on machining, welding, assembling, and surface finishing. The machining of the parts is organized in our own FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) which consists of an automatic stacker crane, storage, and efficient machining centers. The Multi-Level system enables high productivity of the machine tools and unoccupied operation during the nighttime. Large main components for the rotors are machined within their own machine center.

At our factory, the welding is done mainly for plate thicknesses of more than 10 mm. Both manual and robot-welding is done with MIG/MAG technology. Robot welding is utilized when volumes are large enough or there are a lot of weld beads. Submerged arc welding is also used on structures where the penetration depth of weld beads must be more than usual. In addition, there is a stress relief oven to release internal residual stresses after the welding.

Our production department employs about 40 staff members, with most working in machine and parts manufacturing. Long lasting careers are common at Valon Kone. The decades-long know-how and experience guarantees the quality of our products.

At Valon Kone, debarker manufacturing is carried out based on orders. A big part of the components used in VK debarkers are stored and a substantial amount of the capacity at the Lohja factory is reserved for manufacturing of these spare parts. In connection with the factory, there is the main spare part stock from where subsidiaries, agents and end-users are served worldwide. Even with the same day deliveries, if needed.

We cooperate with schools and universities in the industry and we are glad to provide an internship for a few students yearly. For further questions, please contact our manufacturing manager.