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Centering VK Infeed Conveyor

For a number of decades, a centering infeed conveyor has been installed at the front of debarkers we supply, and nowadays it is included in all fixed ring debarker models we manufacture. Sliding rotor machines, in which the debarking rotor is centered according to the log diameter, are supplied without a centering infeed conveyor.

Smooth feeding of logs with centering infeed conveyor

A VK infeed conveyor ensures accurate centering of a log into the infeed line of the debarker, as well as good grip of the log when it enters a debarking rotor. These are the basic conditions for high quality debarking and prevention of log damage. The VK infeed conveyor centers a log both vertically and horizontally (X-Y centering). Centering is done with help of a conveyor trough and a pressure flap/roll, which is connected to it.

The importance of a centering infeed conveyor is emphasized when logs are fed at high speed. One purpose of an infeed conveyor is also to calm logs down before debarking starts.

In a modern sawmill, logs are often fed into a debarker without log gap. In these cases, the importance of an infeed conveyor is vital, in order to ensure smooth operation with no double-feeding of logs. A centering infeed conveyor also allows feeding of curved and other low-grade logs to debarking.


Five conveyor models

Valon Kone’s product range includes five different infeed conveyor models.
  • During the last few decades, hundreds of well-known VK450 and VK600 models have been supplied worldwide and their excellent functionality has been proven. Nowadays these models are installed together with the low- and medium-speed debarkers.

  • In addition, we manufacture a conveyor model VK920, which is a robust infeed conveyor for large logs.
  • There are two new generation infeed conveyor models, the VK52 and VK72, which come as standard together with the heavy-duty versions on the new VK5000 and VK8000 series debarkers. VK’s long tradition of manufacturing centering conveyors helped us to rethink the whole design of structures and components that are exposed most to wear, and we replaced them with significantly stronger solutions. Both conveyors are also covered with guard doors, so that it’s safer to use them in operation.

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