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Reliable Operation

Valon Kone maintenance services are available throughout the world. Our sales offices offer services that are tailored to local conditions. In addition, there are several VK agents that run their own maintenance organizations, providing swift help to customers locally. No matter if your machine is located in Siberia, British Columbia, or New Zealand, our skilled service team will assist you to get the best performance of your VK debarker.
Preventive maintenance is always less costly than remedying unexpected failures. Therefore, our service staff will visit you regularly to inspect the operation of your debarker and ensure that all unexpected faults and unnecessary production interruptions are avoided. We also focus on the continuous training of our customers, as the capability and knowledge of the operators remains the best guarantee for debarker reliability and customer satisfaction. Our experienced automation service team can also assist remotely.

VK’s maintenance services cover everything your debarker may require

  • Machine optimization (debarking quality and machine operation)
  • Diagnostics, repair advice, and repairs
  • Tool tip maintenance and repairs
  • Maintenance needs analysis
  • Regular periodical and annual maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment modernization and factory maintenance
  • Remote service
  • Training

Machine modernizations

Your debarking needs may change during the debarker’s life span and we want to support you with product improvements. We provide various modernization packages for nearly all debarker models, for example:

  • The old debarking rotor with hydraulic tool tensioning can be changed to a new rotor with pneumatic tensioning including tool pressure remote control and automatic tool opening.

  • The second debarking rotor can be added to a single-rotor machine, which allows a higher feed speed and better debarking result.
  • The machine can be retrofitted with a butt reducing rotor for handling butts. Butt reducing improves the debarking and sawing result by trimming the butt of the timber to ensure smooth operation.
  • The closed pressure system of the feedrolls can be converted into an active system. This improves the machine’s functionality in varying conditions and reduces log damage.

When inquiring about machine modernizations, please inform us of your debarker’s model/type, serial number, and year of manufacture so that we can serve you as quickly as possible.

E.g. Model VK5048HD, no. 345/2010: the machine’s type number can also be in the format 5000HD-480-6-450-RHP