During the last several decades, we have helped thousands of customers in the woodworking industry worldwide in their investment projects for debarking.

International Projects

PotlatchDeltic hero


Ola, Arkansas, USA
The Ola sawmill makes lumber from Southern yellow pine and the mill has a capacity of 155 million board feet. They process 550,000 tons (768,500 m3) of round wood yearly and the mill debarks mainly tree length stems, but occasionally also cut to length.


Elvipo, Logatec, Slovenia
Elvipo is using fir and spruce and their end-product is sawn timber mainly for export. The debarking capacity of the sawmill is 60,000 m3 per year and the logs are pre-cut to 3-5 meters.

North American Projects

Kodiak Deliveries

  • West Fraser, Inc., Opelika, Alabama, United States
  • West Fraser, Inc. Joyce, Louisiana, United States
  • Weyerhaeuser, Millport, Alabama, United States
  • Angelina Forest Products, Lufkin, Texas, United States
  • New South Lumber Company (a Division of Canfor), Camden, South Carolina, United States
  • New South Lumber Company (a Division of Canfor), Conway, South Carolina, United States
  • Portage Wood Products, Portage, Maine, United States
  • PotlatchDeltic Corporation, Ola, Arkansas, United States