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Logatec, Slovenia

Elvipo is a medium-sized sawmill located in Logatec, about 30 minutes from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Elvipo has been a trusted customer for Valon Kone since 2017. Three years ago, the first brand new VK100 lift-ring debarker for large logs (max. diameter 100 cm) was supplied to Elvipo, where it is debarking softwood.

Elvipo is using fir and spruce and their end-product is sawn timber mainly for export. The debarking capacity of the sawmill is 60,000 m3 per year and the logs are pre-cut to 3-5 meters.

When Elvipo made the decision to invest in their sawmill, they had no debarker. The logs were not debarked at all and their target was to have cleaner raw material for the sawmill.

“We did not have any experience of Valon Kone, but our partners had told us about the company. It became clear that the VK brand was experienced in the machinery segment and we wanted to have our own VK machine”, says Polona, who runs the Elvipo sawmill together with her father Franc.

The installation of the brand-new log yard, in which the VK100 debarker was integrated, has been a big step for this family owned company. In order to expand the yard and create the needed space, they even had to tear down parts of the hill, which surrounds the mill.

“Originally, the contract with Elvipo was made for an older VK lift ring debarker model, type VK90. But, Valon Kone was looking for a suitable location for our VK100 prototype and we realized quickly that Elvipo would be the perfect place and customer. So, we offered them the opportunity to switch to the new model”, says Max Riegg, who is responsible for Valon Kone sales in Slovenia. Luckily, Polona and Franc saw it the same way and immediately took the chance.

“The co-operation with Valon Kone’s sales, R&D, and after sales has gone well all these years, tells Polona. The VK debarker has been operating without problems as expected, and that is the value Valon Kone is giving to us. It is a must when you are working at a high-end level”, she adds.

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