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Labe Wood

Štětí, Czech Republic

Labe Wood s.r.o. in Štětí, Czech Republic is one of the most modern sawmills in Central and Eastern Europe. The mill opened its doors in October of 2020 and is the biggest greenfield project in the area. The project was executed within one and a half years and it is a joint project with four companies: Maresch and Eco-Invest from Austria, Mondi from the Czech Republic, and Unitimber from Slovenia.

Labe Wood is a big volume production plant; capacity of the sawmill is about 1.000.000 m3 of round wood per year. The production volume is about 600 000 m³ of lumber yearly and the end-product is delivered to Europe. The sawmill area is located next to the cellulose mill of Mondi, which will also be the destination of wood chips produced at the sawmill.

State of the art equipment for the new sawmill was supplied from Europe. The Austrian company, Springer, delivered the log handling in the sawmill infeed and the board sorting equipment. The saw-line came from the German company Linck and the by-product processing was supplied by Rudnick & Enners, a German company as well.

Valon Kone supplied two identical VK8068HDSL single rotor debarkers. The customer debarks presorted spruce logs with an average log length of 4,0 m and the log diameter of 230 mm.

Valon Kone debarkers have a VK8000 frame, which is the heaviest frame type available from VK. The modular frames are of heavy duty (HD) range which are designed particularly for high-speed production plants, like Labe Wood.

The VK debarkers in the sawmill infeed require high availability and reliability in a two-shift operation. “It became clear in the very early stage of the project that air seal debarking rotors with a pneumatic tool pressure are required for the sawmill”, says area manager of Valon Kone, Maximilian Riegg. “Dia 680 mm rotors in both debarkers guarantee high-speed debarking and the best possible debarking quality.”

Labe Wood decided to purchase VK debarkers for the project, as the company Maresch from Austria has many years’ experience working with Valon Kone. “Maresch has been satisfied with the long-term co-operation with competent VK employees. And there was no better alternative on the market”, says Radim Strava from Labe Wood.

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Labe Wood Vk Debarker