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Ola, Arkansas, USA

PotlatchDeltic Corporation is one of the leading producers of lumber in the USA. The company was founded over a hundred years ago in 1903. It was originally called Potlatch Lumber Co., but the name was changed in 2018, as Potlatch merged with Deltic Timber. Now PotlatchDeltic operates seven manufacturing facilities in the USA that produce lumber and plywood – one of the six sawmills being in Ola, Arkansas.

The Ola sawmill makes lumber from Southern yellow pine and the mill has a capacity of 155 million board feet. They process 550,000 tons (768 500 m3) of round wood yearly and the mill debarks mainly tree length stems, but occasionally also cut to length.

Since early spring 2020, a brand new VK Kodiak 22" debarker has been in operation at Ola. The previous debarker in the mill had surpassed its useful lifespan, tells Green End Superintendent Michael Millwood and there was a need to invest in a new machine.

“The Ola mill had previously never purchased any VK products but had talked to other mills that had good reports and success stories operating VK debarkers”, Michael says. “And, that helped drive our decision to purchase a VK”, he continues.

Valon Kone’s North America crew installed and commissioned the new Kodiak 622 model debarker at Ola mill just before the COVID-19 pandemic started. The machine is a standard “New Style” Kodiak single rotor 22” debarker with eight feedrolls. The machine is without a self-centering VK infeed conveyor. The maximum diameter of the rotor is 22” and the machine is running 350-400 fpm (105-120 m/min). The project is now successfully completed and Valon Kone supports PotlatchDeltic with regular contact and visits. “The co-operation with Valon Kone has gone very well”, says Michael. “The start-up crew was very knowledgeable and helpful on the installation and start-up, including technical support.”

If you want to know more about this case or any other Kodiak projects we have completed in North America, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time. He would gladly tell you more!